About The Coaltion

The Coalition History

The  National Coalition for Family and Consumer Sciences Education was  established in 1977 in response to the need for professionals to speak  with one voice on Family and Consumer Sciences  Education issues. Initially membership of the group included two voting  representatives from each of the three professional organizations most concerned with Family and Consumer Sciences Education: the American Association of  Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), the Association for Career and  Technical Education (ACTE), and the Family and Consumer Sciences  Education Association (FCSEA). One non-voting representative from the  national student organization, Family Career and Community Leaders of  America (FCCLA) was added in 2001. In 2006 a request was approved to add two FCCLA representatives with  voting privileges to The Coalition. 

The Coalition Activities

Much  of the activity of The Coalition focuses on providing leadership for  the development of federal and state policy concerning Family and  Consumer Sciences Education. The  overall goal, to increase communication and project a unified voice and focus on issues, provides the foundation for the work of The Coalition. The Coalition activities focus on:

  • Identifying issues impacting Family and Consumer Sciences Education.
  • Reviewing  positions on current issues related to Family and Consumer Sciences  Education and facilitate consensus among the organizations.
  • Developing statements regarding Family and Consumer Sciences Education, which will serve as a basis for professional action.
  • Communicating issues and positions concerning Family and Consumer Sciences Education to various target groups.

Representatives and Meetings

Selection  of their representatives on The Coalition is the discrete responsibility of each  member organization. Representatives' terms are staggered with the two  representatives from each organization appointed in different years,  generally for a three or four year term. Others may be invited to serve as advisors to help The Coalition as needed.

The  Coalition members meet at the national conferences of  AAFCS and ACTE and conduct sessions for attendees. Other meetings and  conference calls are scheduled as needed. Meeting notes are recorded and shared with the member organizations and available for review.


The Coalition is a proud partner of the Alliance for Family & Consumer Sciences. Founded in 2006 by the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences  (AAFCS), the Alliance for Family & Consumer Sciences is a coalition  of 26 organizations representing academia, industry, professional  associations, and honor societies leading family and consumer sciences  efforts around the globe.